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​Camp Bridger

​Know Obstacles Ahead

​Christ Centered Learning
One of the many reasons ​to come

Called to Learn and our family have been committed to discovering and teaching the Doctrines of Christ in every aspect, every subject, every day. We want to share the tools we've learned with you in a distraction free environment, with hands on experiences, and family unifying events. We feel the great out doors can help open our minds to greater possibilities for our families. 

For the Whole Family
Another reason to camp with us

We listened to you (through the survey) and we discovered that it was important to have this camp for the family. (We had originally thought just youth). This will not only bring down costs but also give us the opportunity to work together in strengthening the whole family unit individually and together. We will use the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, scriptural examples, along with wholesome activities for parents, youth, children and the whole family. 

About ​Our Family

Started in 1993 our family has been committed to "sharing the fruit" with others. Our Values of Love,  Joy, Obedience, Manners, Order, Peace, and Service have uplifted us our whole existence. We look forward to assisting you and working with you in strengthening your family ties. 

​Neil Family
​Staff For Camp Bridger

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