Learn to Follow Your Own  Intuition

Helping youth learn how to recognize, listen to, and follow the spirit, to feel confident in their future. 

July 27th-30th 2022

Camp Bridger is a place where youth can go to learn about themselves, listening to the spirit, and have new adventures. 

Camp Bridger is a place where youth can go to learn about themselves, listening to the spirit, and have new adventures. 

Learn About You

We offer personal discovery simulations and actives that help you look inward and explore who you are, what you want in life and what you like to do. We also offer lessons on personal development that help you build skills that are important in life. 

Learning Actives

We don't just have lessons. We want our campers to have opportunities for physical growth and development as well! With activities such as archery, fishing, canoeing, nature exploration and more. We want the whole camp experience! 

Make Life-long Friends

You will make friends with people who share your interests and passions, as well as learn how to work together as a team. Camp is a great place to meet new friends! 

Our Story

Camp Bridger has been an idea for some years now. It all started with my family back in 2018 when we first heard about our church's affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America was coming to an end. This was devastating news for me and my family. We had grown up with these amazing programs, camps, and events. Scouts had changed my life and will always be a part of me. 

My family and I wanted to share what we had learned from almost 30 years combined experience. We wanted to teach this in the most appropriate setting, in nature.  We knew what the scouting organization had done for us, and we didn't want those incredible things we learned to go into a deep memory hole. 

Unfortunately, we had planned our first camp in the summer of 2020, and it had to be canceled due to are camp site canceling all camps that summer. Things have changed now, and we are starting it up again!

The Problem

Too many youth struggles with mental health. The recent pandemic only made this problem worse. Not only that, but kids have a hard time with knowing who they are and where they came from due to the world makes their lives confusing.  The nuclear family, and all that is good in this world, is being attacked. It's hard to teach our children what is best when the world teaches them to appose such teachings. So what can we do?

The Solution

We can't force our children to change or force them to be something that they don't want to be. However, it's our responsibility as parents, youth leaders, and teachers to give future generations the tools to succeed.

Camp Bridger is a camp that teaches you how to recognize, listen to, and follow the spirit so that they can find solutions and come to better discussions without telling them what to do. We must teach our children to rely on God, not on us or the world. The evil people on this planet want to manipulate our children to believe that they should rely on Government or imperfect people, this is why it is critical to teach our children how to follow their own intuition.  

We can't shield our children from everything, but we can give them insight and tools to help them decipher the good and the evil. 

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